UV Lights

The Safeguard Ultra violet Germicidal Light provides cleaner, more healthy air for your family.

If you’re like lots of people you clean both hands during the day. What food you’re eating continues to be washed and perform you fron sickness. Water that flows out of your tap continues to be treated and it is free of bacteria, infections along with other microorganisms. Why don’t you treat the environment in your home in the same way?The environment in your house is continually circulating inside your ductwork. Your air conditioning filter catches the dust and grime, but how about anything else? Dark, moist areas of the machine can harbor mold, fungus and sludge which could affect your wellbeing in addition to lessen the efficiency of the system. These undesirable microorganisms multiply night and day and from sight.

The Ultra violet Air Cleanser is installed with a qualified contractor within the air-duct of office or home Air conditioning systems so they cover as much as 5,000 sq ft. By dealing with the environment which passes with the Air conditioning systems with ultraviolet light, Ultra violet Air Cleanser effectively reduces or removes the DNA-based airborne pollutants – bacteria, infections, mold and spores – that create allergy, bronchial asthma attacks, sickness along with other respiratory system conditions.