Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC


Getting your Air Ducts Cleaned may seem basic and irrelevant, but actually cause a major difference. Air Duct Cleaning prevents mold that could possibly spread throughout your vents and you will be breathing infected air. City Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC makes use of specialized and patented equipment to reach right through to the ductwork. Other air duct cleaners may only reach as far as their equipment will allow them to, which does not make for a thorough clean. Vent cleaning is very important but it’s not enough, City Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC technicians will access the duct work from the attic if it is necessary to ensure the entire system is clean. That is how committed we are to getting your home pollutant-free.

Charlotte Air Duct Cleaning service technicians clean all the way back to the HVAC unit, not just at the registers and vents. Only this can ensure a complete and thorough clean. Ignoring the depths of the HVAC unit ensures that as soon as the system is switched on, the dust will be transported right back into the ductwork, making their way to the rest of the house from there. Get rid of the dust and pollutants today, give City Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC a call to set up an appointment.

City Air Duct Cleaning Process Include:

  First, a City Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC specialist will vacuum every one of the register covers and vents, hand cleaning those to remove all traces of dust.

  Then, a patent pending Duct Sweeper is required to achieve all the way up into your ductwork throughout the vents to remove dust mites and dander. The dust that is extracted is not dispersed into the air to contaminate the environment but stays inside the equipment. The HEPA system has a special filtering mechanism that filters air that is blown out of it resulting in clean air within the house.

  City Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC also offer optional duct cleaning and vent cleaning services which include and dusting off the mechanical components of the unit such as the blowing motor, the filters, drain pans and interior hosing. This helps ensure total clean up. We strongly recommend this task of the procedure.

  Once all of the dust and pollutants have been removed, it is time to disinfect the systems. Charlotte Air Duct Cleaning offers an optional system fogging, to eliminate fungi, mold and mildew spores, bacteria and other germs that may still remain in the systems after all of the ducts have been cleaned.

 Air duct cleaning should be done every two or three yrs for just a health boosting property.

Your household’s In house air quality is essential, and having a nice and clean, properly maintained heating system, ventilating and air-con (HVAC) device is important to having a clear healthful and comfortable residing environment.

In addition, a newly washed air-duct system runs better compared to a filthy one, resulting in lower bills and a cleaner, significantly less dirty household.

Individuals who suffer the pain of allergen hypersensitivity, bronchial asthma or any other respiratory conditions, particularly kids and even the seniors, tend to be vulnerable to the consequences of interior toxins. Protect your love ones! Call City Air Duct Cleaning today!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

While eliminating a fire hazard, is your dryer taking way too long to dry your laundry? Before you call an appliance repair company, consider this: If your dryer is still getting hot, more likely than not, the problem is in your dryer’s vent system— the dryer vent duct is full of lint from your clothes. It is about time to contact dryer vent cleaning company.

The Dryer Vent Cleaning Process:
A video inspection camera is used to determine how much lint is in the dryer vent duct.

The dryer vent duct is then cleaned using rotating brushes and high powered suction or a forward and reverse jet snake to clean entire dryer vent duct.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Charlotte NC provides dryer vent cleaning for homes and business, including daycare, schools, sports clubs, gyms, hair salons, retirement homes, laundry mats, HOA, townhouses, group homes etc.

Why it is recommended to cleaning dryer duct?

  • Safety:  Dryer fires are now the number one cause of household fires and are on the increase. The main cause of these fires is the buildup of lint. However, fires are not the only damage a dryer vent can cause to your home; water damage and appliance failure are two of the other common issues we see regularly.
  • Savings: Drastically reduced drying times by allowing your dryer to work properly. Most homeowners see up to a $50 reduction on their energy bill. Once your vent is cleaned you’ll benefit from faster drying times.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs:   Save the cost of having a repair call by ensuring the maintenance of dryer vent cleaning completed yearly.  Clothes dryers will overheat when the vent is restricted or clogged.  This causes them to breakdown and results in costly repair bills. A clean dryer vent duct increases the airflow and allows the dryer to work more efficiently.

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